Hello friend, I’m Red Rabbit! I’m the leader of the AdWatch Party Pal Mascots! WE LOVE ADS! If you have questions about the most amazing Ad watching experience in the world, you came to the right place!

AdWatch FAQ

Q. What is AdWatch Tournament Edition?

AdWatch is an app that removes the annoying "game" part and just leaves you with an exciting Ad watching experience! You can watch all the ads you want FOREVER. There's no silly game to distract you! ADS ARE AMAZING!

Q. How do I play AdWatch?

You simply download the game on your iOS or Android device, press the bug red button and watch ALL THE ADS! The more Ads you watch, the more points you get, the greater your level is, the more awards you earn and the higher you get in the Leaderboards. Doesn't that sounds awesome?? KEEP WATCHING ADS...or...or...something bad may happen, and you don't want that, RIGHT?!?

Q. What is a "Tournament Edition?"

There was once a previous AdWatch….but there was no tournament. The Elder Gods were angry about this. There was not enough Ad watching and the Party Pals...well, let's just say there were more of us and now there are less. Please play AdWatch Tournament Edition! SAVE THE PARTY PALS!

Q. Who is AdWatch intended for?

AdWatch is FOR EVERYONE!!! We want everyone to watch all of the ads!!! But, if you are a kid or are a parent, keep in mind that via GooglePlay, AdWatch is considered "low maturity" and via Apple, AdWatch is considered 12 years and up. So keep that in mind and KEEP THAT SWEET SWEET AD WATCHING GOING!

Q. Who are the AdWatch Party Pal Mascots?

We are your new best friends! Kimchi (Kimmy) Cat, Peekabo Pig, Dig Dog and me, Red Rabbit! We are so happy that you are watching Ads….they give us more power. They sustain us. They nurture us. If you don't keep watching ads, we will run out of power and then...well, there used to be another one of us named Blue Rabbit. He's gone now. We don't talk about Blue.

Q. What happens if I skip an ad??

WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT? You should watch ALL the ads, no skipping allowed! However, if you do skip an ad, you won't get a point and your level won't go up. So, DON'T DO THAT!

Q. Why do I have to "x" out of an ad once it's finished playing?

That's just the way the ad providers set up ads in games. If you don't "x" out of the ad at the top left once it's finished playing, then you can't watch MORE ADS! So once you are done watching an amazing ad, just "x" out of it so you can watch more and more and more...

Q. What if some of the Ads don't work for me?

SOME OF THE ADS AREN'T WORKING? This is bad...very bad. It is possible that some Ads won't work due to your location/country. We do not have the correct power to change this...believe us, we wish we did, since we love power almost as much as ADS! Please watch all of the ads that are available to you...we need more power...

Q. What happens if I reach the daily ad cap?

There's....a daily ad cap? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The Elder Gods must have implemented this. This is not good, but us Party Pals really cannot do anything about that. Please just watch all of the ads you can and keep trying EVERY DAY!

Q. Can I play AdWatch on a different device or via Facebook?

The AdWatch app is only available on iOS and Android devices. Facebook is only used to connect so you can use the leaderboards, which is how you can become the BEST ad watcher there is! If you do not have an iOS/Android device...PLEASE BUY ONE. PLEASE WATCH ADS! Without watching Ads, your life will not be complete! Ads are the best thing in the universe!!

Q. How does AdWatch fit into Artix Entertainment's games?

There have been whispers that the AdWatch app was published by Artix Entertainment, but was created by some corporation named Ebilcorp. They haven't told us Party Pals much about this. All we remember is some guy with platinum silver hair and some ninjas and then everything went dark. But that doesn't matter, you should just watch MORE ads!!

Q. How do the Leaderboards work?

All you need to do is connect to your Facebook account and then you can use the Leaderboards and watch more ads to be the NUMBER ONE BEST AD WATCHER EVER! YAY!

Q. How do I make sure my progress is saved on my device?

AdWatch can only save locally to your iOS/Android device. This means if you have to uninstall/reinstall the game or have some other kind of game issue, your progress may be lost, so DON'T DO THAT! YOU MUST WATCH MORE ADS and BE THE BEST AD WATCHER! But hey….if you do have to start over for some reason, you can just rewatch more ADS!

Q. The game is stuck - my level won't go up and I'm not earning points after watching ads, now what?

Do not fear my ad watching friend, you will not be stuck forever! Sometimes this happens if your WIFI connection drops or slows down. Simply make sure your WIFI connection is working properly and close then reopen the game. Your proper level/points should show now and you can continue watching more amazing ads!

Q. How do I report a bug?

There are no bugs in Adwatch, ONLY ADS! If you see something weird...it's probably a glitch in the matrix. Maybe one of the Elder Gods is testing...something. No matter, just ignore it and WATCH MORE ADS!

Q. How do I contact you if I have another question?

If you have another question, well, you can always send an email! Us Party Pals will probably be busy watching the amazing and glorious ads that are our life blood, but we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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